About Us

About Sweet Palace

SINCE 2000


Sweets palace is a sweet shop family owned business that was established in 2000. At Sweets palace we are specialising in hand making and producing the finest orient and Lebanese sweets.

About our Product

At Sweets palace we are producing the same sweets that are produced in Lebanon and Middle East handmade piece by piece. However our fine and fresh ingredients are mostly Australian made.

At Sweets palace we do not just make sweets. Lebanese sweets are part of the Lebanese traditions, so at our shop we feel it is our responsibility to ensure that we make the best tradition sweets that satisfy those who appreciate the taste of the Lebanese sweets. At sweets palace we make our sweets with love and passion.


Our Staff

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Devoted Workers

At Sweets palace we employ number of devoted workers. Our masters in sweets and cakes making inherited and praise the profession, grow up with it and travel the world to finally serve their hard earned passion to you at Sweets palace.

One Manager

As every successful business, Sweets palace has a ‘manager’ who knows how connect and how to works things out and make thing happening in perfect order.

Years of Experience

At Sweets palace we have one talented shop manager who know the secrets of a running a successful sweet shop for number of years continuously.

Friendly Service

At Sweets palace job cannot be well done without our enthusiastic and friendly customer service ladies who enjoy serving customers with smiles and politeness.